Chocolate Pie Crust

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As I reiterated earlier, finding pie crusts in this country is comparable to going on a treasure hunt. They are often not available in most stores. Thankfully, all I need is a food processor and some cookies 🙂 My brother flew in for a friend’s wedding a couple weeks ago. I’ve asked him to bring some pie crusts along. Its always good have some in handy in case you want to spare yourself from the wear and tear of having to make your own (okay, I have a flare for drama). Whenever someone comes to visit from abroad, I always make sure to ask them bring back certain items I need. A little taste of America is sometimes needed. Its extraordinary that the products we used to take advantage of in the US are now essentials that are always in demand. Even graham crackers are  not accessible which sort of defeats the purpose of making a graham cracker pie crust. They do sell Oreo cookies (which in hindsight, I should have used to make as a pie crust for my no-bake cheese cake.Oh well. There is always another year) I use tea biscuits or sandwich cookies and they work just as well. Cookie pie crusts are not difficult to make. The procedure is easy and quite basic and only consists of 3 ingredients.  This recipe will be focusing on making a chocolate pie crust. If you don’t want to make a chocolate pie crust, you can use regular graham crackers instead. Some of these recipes include nuts so if you have an allergy to them, you can omit them. So you will need:

  • 2 cups chocolate wafers, 2 cups chocolate graham crackers,or chocolate tea biscuits
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 3/4 stick of margarine (6 tablespoons) melted


Pulse wafers,crackers,or cookies in a food processor until they’ve been reduced to tiny granular particles. Combine pulverized cookies/wafers with sugar and melted margarine.Press ingredients into a 9 inch greased pie pan covering all sides. Bake at   325°F for 10 minutes. If you decide not to bake, cover pie with plastic wrap and let lit freeze for 45 to an hour until firm.


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