About Challah Maidel

I am an olah chaddasha (immigrant) from New York. I am currently living in the Mercaz (central) area of Israel. I’ve been married for 2 and a half years. I discovered my passion for cooking when I was 14. My passion grew as I gradually mastered various cooking techniques via trial and error. I worked as a part time sous chef at a kosher Chinese restaurant back in 2003.  The culinary journey has been adventurous  for me.  Up until now, I’ve been relying on cookbooks for guidance. I acquired most of my skills and inspiration from my grandmother. Whenever I would come to visit her, she would provide me with recipes and even allow me to assist her with her cooking.  As I became more confident with my cooking abilities, I modified some recipes and supplemented my own ingredients. My hubby inspired me to create my own cooking blog. My goal is to drive media traffic and have my talents and passions recognized. I one day hope to parlay my talents into a career.

The theme of my blog is to promote healthy eating. Although I was thankfully never morbidly obese, I was overweight when I was in my teens. While I struggled to lose weight, I had difficulties resisting the temptation to compulsively snack – even when I wasn’t hungry. I would rely on sugar and caffeine to keep me wired and fueled throughout the day and I loathe junk food. Halfway through, I would suffer from a sugar coma as the energy surge only lasted for a couple of hours. I found myself rapidly packing on pounds, feeling sluggish and dizzy all the time. Not being able to wear the outfits I like didn’t put my mind at ease either. I hated my body and was repulsed by the way I looked all the time. In short, I was a train wreck. I had to combat depression that was mainly attributed to my unhealthy lifestyle. I felt disgusted after eating. I even contemplated anorexia and bulimia in my desperate attempts to loose weight. After much self-motivation, I decided to make a lifestyle change; not just in my eating habits. I yearned for those days when I was slim and I wanted to relive those days. I wanted to feel good about myself. That is when the transition became more palpable. I was eating healthier. I was exercising more. The weight was gradually coming off. Not only did I achieve my weight loss goals but I got the bikini-body I’ve always wanted. My love-handle days are (almost) over. My pantry is clear of junk food. I will occasionally splurge myself but I try not to let that become a regular habit. Plus I always make sure to work out afterwards. There were certain treats that I had to permanently eliminate from my diet but the sacrifice was worth it.  Dieting has its challenges and most of these health promoting fads are ineffective. As people, we collectively face the threat of  medical problems that attributes to obesity and other eating disorders. A lot of people complain about healthy food being tasteless ,monotonous, and unappetizing leaving them more hungry than ever. To me, living healthfully is not only about limiting your food consumption to soy and raw produce. Its mostly about portion control, motivation, commitment and getting enough exercise. The objective of this blog  is to come up with exciting but  healthier alternatives without compromising on the flavors by using innovation and creativity.

I am always looking for recipe suggestions .Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated!

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Happy cooking 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not a certified to nutritionist nor a dietitian and therefore lack the medical credentials to advise you on your eating habits or dietary issues. I only speak from experience.



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